TinyTV DIY Kit painted with hand using remote
TinyTV DIY Kit
TinyTV DIY Kit Assortment of parts
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TinyTV DIY Kit

TinyTV DIY Kit


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Note: Demand for these kits is very high and we recently sold out, however we're actively building more to have stock by Jan 27th, 2021.  To make sure you get one then, you can pre-order this kit now and we'll ship it when it's available. 

The DIY TinyTV Kit assembles easily in less than 5 minutes with no soldering or special tools required. Load up to 5 hours of your own videos, movies, and TV shows easily using our TSVconverter - a free tool to convert any MP4 file. Then load the files onto the included MicroSD card, sit back, relax, and enjoy hours of entertainment! 

Note: This does not receive over the air television content, nor can it livesteam, it can only play video content from the microSD card.  

The TinyTV DIY Kit is 3D printed, has 4 push buttons, and an ON/OFF switch and it also comes with the Tiny Remote, so you can easily change channels, power on or off, and adjust the volume. The TinyTV comes in white but is highly customizable with acrylic paint or even metallic sharpies. Check out our Customizing your DIY TinyTV Kit tutorial

Want to change up some settings? The TinyTV also comes with a settings menu to easily change the TV mode to loop videos, or change button values if you want to use a different remote. Check out the short TinyTV Settings Menu tutorial!

  • Arduino-compatible platform with a powerful 32-bit ARM processor
  • A beautiful and vibrant full-color OLED screen
  • MicroSD card included and preloaded with content 
  • 3D Printed TV with 4 push buttons and ON/OFF switch 
  • Built-in speaker 
  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • USB port for charging and software updates
  • Wireless Tiny Remote with battery Works best about 12-18in. away from an IR Receiver. Works best with the TinyTV when pointed toward the top (where the receiver is).
  • Converting videos to the TinyScreen video format (tsv) is simple, just run them through the TSV video converter and put them onto the microSD card to play them back. 
  • A micro USB cable is not included in the kit.   
  • The Tiny Remote works best about 12-18in. away from an IR Receiver. Works best with the TinyTV when pointed toward the top (where the receiver is).

The TinyTV DIY Kit is simple to put together - there is no glue, soldering, or special tools needed. It only takes about 5 minutes before you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your favorite movies, videos, and TV shows from anywhere.

  • Step by step assembly instructions are available here, or you can watch the assembly video: 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 46 reviews
    Back to the Future Tiny TV

    Great little kit and easy to make your own videos. I made a new wooden cabinet for mine and made it into a close replica to the one in the movie Back to the Future for a 1/8 scale display I'm working on. Back to the Future video was added before making new cabinet.

    Works well

    Pretty easy to put together. Very cute. It would be nice if there were more .mov files available for converting and downloading.

    Micro TV

    The Tiny TV is in the queue but not yet being assembled, therefore my 5 star rating is anticipatory, In anticipation of a successful build and operation as advertised. Further review is possibly forthcoming if this anticipatory review does not preclude a final review.