About TinyCircuits

Based out of Akron, OH, TinyCircuits designs and manufactures tiny, open-source electronics to serve creativity in the maker community, build fun STEAM learning, and spark joy. 

TinyCircuits' initial product line, the TinyDuino, launched on Kickstarter in September 2012 and raised over 1000% of its desired goal. It's since produced working electronic miniatures (Handheld Game Consoles, TinyTVs), Wirelings (tinier circuit boards), and TinyLily (e-textile applications). 

TinyCircuits Customers: MIT, Samsung, RIT, Harvard, LEGO, Google, Purdue, Berkeley, Georgia Tech, Carnegie Mellon University, Duke, Twitter, Amazon

Our Customers

TinyCircuits is used by thousands of people in over 60 countries to create a variety of projects. Top universities, small businesses, and the largest tech companies use our products for cutting edge research and prototyping. 

What is Modular Electronics?

Modular electronics uses a standard base platform and links together multiple electronic devices (modules) into a single system to create complex circuits. The benefit of modular electronic design is that independent parts (modules) can be swapped out to customize device functions.

TinyDuino is a mini, open-source, modular electronics platform that has the full power of an Arduino Uno in the size of a quarter. The TinyDuino processor board acts as the base and multiple TinyShield modules add special functions like lights, measuring your location, and connecting to the internet. TinyDuino boards stack together like bricks.

Wirelings are our tiniest boards, but instead of stacking them, individual modules are connected with wires. This allows the device to have more physical flexibility.

The good news is that both platforms don't require soldering!

What is Open Source Electronics?

Open source software and hardware, or open source electronics platforms, means sharing information about a software's or hardware's design so that others can easily modify, edit, and create from it. Because anyone can contribute feedback, it promotes rapid improvement and innovation.