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SCAM ALERT - April 9, 2020

We have been alerted by multiple people that there is a scammer using our contact information for credit card transactions.  If you have purchased Coleman inflatable hot tubs, jacuzzis, weight equipment, grills or something other than what we sell on our website, and appears on your credit card bill, this is not us!  Someone has stolen our name and contact information for this, and these are fraudulent transactions.  They are using the website name Fourshine,, and possibly others.  Again, these are not us.  

Please immediately contact your credit card company to report these transactions, they will perform a chargeback and you will have your money refunded.  Please also report this as fraudulent to the site you purchased the items from (such as Facebook or Instagram).  


We're happy to help - there are a few options on how to get started. There is a wealth of information on the TinyCircuits forum, located at, you can search tor an answer or post your own question to have the community answer it.

You can also contact TinyCircuits support via, or via the contact form on the website.

We are unable to offer phone support.