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TinyCircuits is a maker of tiny open-source electronics that let you create your own miniature electronic projects. Our main product is the TinyDuino - an Arduino compatible platform the size of a US Quarter. The TinyDuino platform is completely modular and works like tiny electronic LEGOs, so you can easily add complex functions, like GPS, WiFi, motor control or graphics displays to your projects just by plugging the expandable modules (called TinyShields). We serve the Maker community and are Maker's ourselves - we make all TinyCircuits products in our factory in Akron, Ohio, USA, and take great care to make sure the products we ship out are the highest quality.

We started off as

a very small business

TinyCircuits was originally started in 2011 by Ken Burns as AkroSense LLC, with the intent to develop cheap, smart, easy to use and tiny sensors. During development of the initial sensor prototypes, we realized the need for a host processor platform to use – and the Arduino was the perfect fit. After showing off the prototypes to our friends, we began to shift our focus to building out the TinyDuino platform, offering a core set of building blocks for makers to use to build cool stuff. TinyCircuits is based in downtown Akron, Ohio, in a 100 year old former rubber factory. We are proud to manufacture our own products here in the US and have a full surface mount electronics (SMT) line in operation.

map fo the Goodrich buildings and where tinycircuits is located
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TinyCircuits is a supporter of open source hardware and software and believes this leads to faster innovation in a collaborative environment. Our TinyDuino and TinyLily products are all open source and released under the Creative Commons Share-Alike 3.0 License. The TinyDuino is a derivative design of the Arduino Uno, created by the Arduino Team, and the TinyLily is a derivative design of the LilyPad Arduino, created by Leah Buechley and Sparkfun Electronics. We are a proud supporter of the Open Source Hardware Association and have helped sponsor the Open Hardware Summit since 2013.

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TinyCircuits are used by thousands of people in over sixty countries worldwide to create a variety of projects, from Makers creating projects at home to engineering students in the top universities doing cutting edge research. TinyCircuits are being used by small companies to create product prototypes as well as the largest tech companies to test new concepts.  



Ken burns, founder/president of tinycircuits

Ken Burns 

Founder + President 

Ben rose, Lead Engineer of TinyCircuits

Ben Rose

Lead Engineer

Dave Kearns, Manufacturing Supervisor of TinyCircuits

Dave Kearns

Manufacturing Supervisor

Greg Gambone, Assembly Technician of TinyCircuits

Greg Gambone

Assembly Technician

Lindsey Sisler, Office manager of tinycircuits

Lindsey Sisler

Office Manager

Laverena wienclaw, Associate engineer of tinycircuits

Laverena Wienclaw

Associate Engineer

Hunter Hykes, Associate Engineer of TinyCircuits

Hunter Hykes

Associate Engineer

David Lewis, Marketing Intern of TinyCircuits

David Lewis

Marketing Intern

Jason Marcum, Engineering Intern of TinyCircuits

Jason Marcum 

Engineering Intern  

Colin Rich, Media Intern of TinyCircuits

Colin Rich

Media Intern

LeTessa Dawson, Assembly Technician at TinyCircuits

LeTessa Dawson

Assembly Technician



  • Oct 2011: TinyCircuits officially incorporated as AkroSense LLC in the state of Ohio.
  • Nov 2011: TinyDuino concept showed off at the first meeting of SYNHAK, the Akron MakerSpace.
  • Feb 2012: Early TinyDuino prototypes built and demo-ed for the Akron Digital Group.
  • Aug 2012: TinyCircuits trade name registered, TinyDuino prototyping phase is complete.
  • Sept 2012: TinyDuino campaign launched on Kickstarter. Goal of $10,000 hit in 3 days, raised $106K total.
  • Oct 2012: Moved the TinyCircuits offices from a bedroom in Ken's house, to a 1500 square foot office in downtown Akron, in the former BF Goodrich rubber factory.
  • Nov - Dec 2012: SMT Production machinery arrives in Akron, Expanded office to 3000 square feet, first production runs of the TinyDuino.
  • Oct 2012: Moved the TinyCircuits offices from a bedroom in Ken's house, to a 1500 square foot office in downtown Akron, in the former BF Goodrich rubber factory.
  • Jan - May 2013: Production and shipping of TinyDuino Kickstarter rewards.
  • June 2013: TinyCircuits webstore officially opens for business.
  • Aug 2013: First TinyCircuits Open house held, with special guest Dale Dougherty, founder of Make.
  • Jan 2014: Microcenter becomes our first retail partner to sell TinyCircuits at retail locations.
  • June 2014: Expanded office to 5000 square feet.
  • July 2014: New website launched, early TinyScreen prototypes created.
  • Sept 2014: TinyScreen campaign launched on Kickstarter. Goal of $15,000 hit in under 8 hours, raised $128K total.
  • Spring 2015: Production and shipping of TinyScreen Kickstarter rewards.
  • May 2015: Initial Tiny Arcade prototype demo-ed at Maker Faire Bay Area to a huge response.
  • Nov 2015: Tiny Arcade campaign launched on Kickstarter. Goal of $25,000 hit in 3 days, raised $76K total.
  • April 2016: New website launched - main website URL changed from http://tiny-circuits.com to http://tinycircuits.com (finally got rid of the annoying hyphen).
  • April 2016: TinyScreen+ second generation processor is released. 
  • June 2017: The team travels to Bay Area Maker Faire and the TinySaber is released. 
  • July 2017: Mouser Electronics and TinyCircuits enter a global distribution deal.
  • August 2017: TinyCircuits electronics available globally from Digi-Key.
  • October 2017: The team travels to NYC Maker Faire. 
  • June 2018: The team travels to Bay Area Maker Faire. 
  • August 2018: Retail version of the TinyArcade is released in fancy new packaging.  
  • December 2018: The TinyZero TinyCircuits' second generation processor board is released on Cyber Monday. 
  • September 2019: Whiskers Platform is released on Kickstarter. Goal of $10,000 hit in 25 hours, raised $35,000 total.