Tiny Video Player Kit
Tiny Video Player Kit

Tiny Video Player Kit


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This Tiny Video Player Kit lets you create a TinyScreen+ video player in an extremely small form factor. The OLED is a brilliant 96x64 pixel display packed into 0.96" diagonally, capable of up to 40 FPS 16-bit color video playback from a microSD card, with single-channel line-level audio output!  The TinyScreen+ is preloaded with software to allow for video playback, and a speaker, battery, and microSD card with example videos preloaded. Just turn it on and it will start playing back the videos.  

This kit includes the following items:

To learn more about the TinyDuino Platform, click here

    • Converting videos to the TinyScreen video format (tsv) is simple, just run them through the TSV video converter and put them onto the microSD card to play them back. 
    • A micro USB cable is not included in the kit.   

    Customer Reviews

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    John Wells
    Love it!

    As an old (64years old) newbie to microcontrollers, I have been doing a lot of work recently with them and just about every time I try something new - it ends up taking me way too much time to get them working as they should, and sometimes I just give up and move on. Not so with the Tiny Video Player Kit. The instructions were straight forward and easy to follow and the little player fired up without a hitch. Even converting and loading video onto the included micro-SD card was child's play. I am using this for one of my art clock projects - a pocket watch with video of an eye that blinks once per second.

    Judge.me YouTube video placeholder
    Chris Davis
    Tiny Video Player Kit

    Very nice and well designed! Plan to buy more of these for other projects.

    David Rucilez

    Use these for models I build they work amazingly!