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TinyTV® DIY Kit
TinyTV® DIY Kit

TinyTV® DIY Kit


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The TinyTV® DIY Kit assembles easily in less than 5 minutes with no soldering or special tools required. Load up to 5 hours of your own videos, movies, and TV shows easily using our TSVconverter - a free tool to convert any MP4 file. Then load the files onto the included MicroSD card, sit back, relax, and enjoy hours of entertainment! 

Note: This does not receive over-the-air television content, nor can it livestream, it can only play video content from the microSD card.  

The TinyTV DIY Kit is 3D printed, has 4 push buttons, and an ON/OFF switch and it also comes with the Tiny Remote, so you can easily change channels, power on or off, and adjust the volume. The TinyTV comes in white but is highly customizable with acrylic paint or even metallic sharpies. Check out our Customizing your DIY TinyTV Kit tutorial

Want to change up some settings? The TinyTV also comes with a settings menu to easily change the TV mode to loop videos, or change button values if you want to use a different remote. Check out the short TinyTV Settings Menu tutorial!

This kit includes the following items:

  • Arduino-compatible platform with a powerful 32-bit ARM processor
  • A beautiful and vibrant full-color OLED screen
  • MicroSD card included and preloaded with content 
  • 3D Printed TV with 4 push buttons and ON/OFF switch 
  • Built-in speaker 
  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • USB port for charging and software updates
  • Wireless Tiny Remote with battery Works best about 12-18in. away from an IR Receiver. Works best with the TinyTV when pointed toward the top (where the receiver is).
  • Converting videos to the TinyScreen video format (tsv) is simple, just run them through the TSV video converter and put them onto the microSD card to play them back. 
  • A micro USB cable is not included in the kit.   
  • The Tiny Remote works best about 12-18in. away from an IR Receiver. Works best with the TinyTV when pointed toward the top (where the receiver is).

The TinyTV DIY Kit is simple to put together - there is no glue, soldering, or special tools needed. It only takes about 5 minutes before you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your favorite movies, videos, and TV shows from anywhere.

  • Step by step assembly instructions are available here, or you can watch the assembly video: 

    If one of the below options doesn't answer your question(s), you can post on the TinyTV section of our forum, or get in touch with customer support.

    How do I charge the TinyTV?

    • To charge the TV you will need a Micro USB B cable. Once you have the cable, you just need to plug it into the TV and a power source. You will know it is charging by the amber/yellow LED that turns on. The LED will turn off once it's fully charged.

    Is there a way to "loop" or "auto-play" the videos when the TV is turned on? Can I change the remote codes to use a different remote?

    • Yes! These features are easily edited by using the Settings Menu.

    What is the best paint to use when painting the TinyTV enclosure? 

    I turn the TV on and get the message "Card not found!"

    • Make sure the SD Card is fully inserted. Then double-check that the SD & Audio TinyShield is fully joined to the TinyScreen+ board inside the TV - It may help to take the SD & Audio TinyShield completely out of the TV enclosure to try and reseat it.

    My new SD Card is not working with the TV.

    • Try reformatting the SD Card to FAT32 using an SD Card Formatting Utility. Make sure any important files on the SD Card are moved before starting this process - all files will be deleted during formatting. 

    The remote is not working.

    • The remote works best when pointing it directly at the top of the TinyTV enclosure, as this is where the receiver is within the TV.
    • The remote will work around 12-16 inches away from the TV - this can change depending on the thickness of the TV enclosure and the amount of paint layered on the TV.
    • Make sure the battery is fully seated in the battery holder. You can check that the remote is working by pressing one of the six white buttons while looking at the bottom of the remote. A red LED on the bottom of the board will flicker when a button is pressed.

    How can I make the TV louder?

    • You should be able to get around 2-5x the sound by pressing and installing the speaker more firmly. To do this, take off the white sticker and adhere the speaker firmly against a flat surface (like on the inside of the TV's back panel). It may help to have the TinyTV on with a video playing and testing the audio while pressing on the speaker.
    • The volume on the TV is limited by the volume of the video that is converted using the TSV Converter. Make sure that you are converting videos with louder volume, or consider editing the volume on a video with a utility like Photoshop.

    Why are some of my videos are not playing on the TinyTV?

    • If the title of the video is too long, the videos will not display. Try keeping the titles of the videos shorter than 50 characters. "For example - this sentence is 50 characters long!"
    • It's not common, but it is possible that the .mp4 video or .tsv converted video file is corrupted. Please make sure the video is playable on your computer before converting it, and then be sure to safely eject the SD Card from your computer to avoid any file corruption issues.

    Customer Reviews

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    guy pare

    easy to put together and looks cool as hell!

    Steve Andersen
    OMG what a HOOT!

    If a clumsy 74 year old can put this together - you can. And you'll love it as much as I do. What an incredible idea! And what excellent execution. I can't heap enough praise on TinyCircuits for creating the TINY TV. I have a friend who wants to make a necklace out of hers. This TV is the essence of cool.

    Christina Hammad-Guzman
    Amazing craft kit

    From painting to putting it together, it was a blast. Super simple. Great quality. Totally in love with my mini TV. Absolutely no regrets.