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    The Pocket Arcade is a handheld mini arcade that offers hours of non-stop game play. Now you can enjoy classic video games wherever and whenever you want. Recreate your childhood memories or make new ones- the Pocket Arcade is easy to use and can be built within minutes of opening the box.

    The Pocket Arcade comes loaded with three games and a whole slew of throwbacks that can be downloaded for free or you can purchase a pre-loaded microSD card. If you’re looking to exercise your programming skills, you can learn how to develop your own games to play on the Pocket Arcade and share in the TinyCircuits community under our forum.

    In addition, watching videos or movies on your Pocket Arcade is simple, just use our TSVconverter-a free tool to convert any MP4 file. Just load the files on to a microSD card and enjoy hours of entertainment!


    • Arduino-compatible platform with powerful 32-bit ARM processor
    • Beautiful and vibrant full-color OLED screen
    • Three games pre-loaded for immediate play (Flappy Birdz, Tiny Shooter and TinyTris)
    • MicroSD card compatibility for additional game and video storage
    • High-quality D-pad and two working push buttons
    • Built-in speaker with volume control switch
    • Rechargeable lithium battery
    • USB port for charging and loading
    • Crisp and clear acrylic casing
    • Lanyard included for easy carrying 



    The Pocket Arcade is simple to put together - there is no glue, soldering or special tools needed. It only takes about ten minutes before you can sit back, relax, and get in a retro state-of-mind to play your arcade favorites.

    • Check out our step by step assembly instructions and video here.  


      All games for the Pocket Arcade are free and open-source. Some of our favorites include Flappy Birdz, Tiny Brick, and Asteroids.

      • View all the current games here 
      • Download all the games in one zip file here
      • Purchase a microSD card preloaded with all of the available games here.

      The Pocket Arcade offers plenty of games out of the box, however, it is only as good as the games it supports. Being open-source and providing free and customizable content, we look forward to building a community of gamers who edit and develop their own games. Share your work, join in the fun, ask questions and give design tips to others on the forum.


      Pocket Arcade Assembly Instructions
      There's a new, smaller way to play retro games! Here's how to assemble the New Pocket Arcade handheld game system kit.

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