Tiny Brick

Tiny Brick

Developer: Brandon Farmer & Ben Rose
Game Status: Complete
Latest Version: 1.01
Release Date: 30 March 2017
Last Update: 30 March 2017
SD Card Binary: Download
Source Code: Download



Based off of the brick-breaking classic Breakout! Features three levels of variable difficulty, as well as bright and fun color schemes.

Control a movable platform to deflect a bouncing ball into bricks to break them! Smash them all to move onto the next level! Each time you beat a brick set, you'll gain a life and a new challenge. By using the platform's skewed deflection angle profile, you gain control over how the ball is deflected into the bricks. Hitting closer to the edge of the platform will send the ball sideways while hitting the ball in the center will deflect it straight upwards. 




  • Button 1: Start Game (Insert Coin)
  • Button 2: Reset to Demo Mode
  • Joystick: Slide the platform left and right.

TinyArcade + Pocket Arcade 

This game is designed to be used with the Tiny Arcade

 and the Pocket Arcade.

For instructions on how to load this game onto your Tiny Arcade, click here.