Tiny Arcade Preloaded microSD Card


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    For use with the Tiny Arcade - the Tiny Arcade really shines when using the internal microSD card slot! The Tiny Arcade can run a single game from it's internal memory, but with a microSD card, you can store many games (and videos) and use the Tiny Arcade menu to select which one to play.

    This microSD card will be preloaded with the games and demo videos we have at the time of shipping, so you can just plug it in and start playing immediately. You'll also be able to download new games from our site and load them onto the card


    Tiny Arcade Assembly Instructions
    Tiny Arcade Assembly Instructions
    Learn how to assemble your Tiny Arcade. You can read the step by step guide, or there's a video tutorial as well. Have fun!
    TinyScreen+ Windows 7/8 Driver Installation
    TinyScreen+ Windows 7/8 Driver Installation
    Install the required drivers to use TinyScreen+ with Windows 7 and Windows 8.

    Tiny Arcade Menu Update
    Tiny Arcade Menu Update
    Update your Tiny Arcade software to the latest version from your computer.
    TinyScreen+ Setup
    TinyScreen+ Setup

    This guide will teach you how to setup all the necessary drivers and software to begin creating cool stuff with your TinyScreen+!

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