TinyCircuits Holiday Gift Guide 2018

TinyCircuits Holiday Gift Guide 2018

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Shop small this holiday season, we mean really small! We've collected a dozen great gift ideas to fit any budget from tiny stocking stuffer's to gifts sure to wow the whole family! 

Tiny Arcade Kit $59.95 
The Tiny Arcade is structured just like a full-sized arcade. It has a color screen, a joystick, a built-in speaker, a battery a USB port, and a microSD expansion slot. Three games are pre-loaded on the Tiny Arcade, and a whole slew of throwbacks can be downloaded completely free from our site! Shop Now>


New! TinyZero Basic Kit $29.95 
This TinyZero Basic Kit has the bare essentials to get going with the new TinyZero! The TinyZero is TinyCircuits' second generation processor board, running faster and with much more memory than the standard TinyDuino. 


New! Tiny Video Player Kit $59.95
This Tiny Video Player Kit lets you create a TinyScreen+ video player in an extremely small form factor. The TinyScreen+ is preloaded with software to allow for video playback, and a speaker, battery and microSD card with examples videos are provided. Just turn it on and it will start playing back the videos.  


Pocket Arcade Kit $59.95
The Pocket Arcade is a handheld version of the popular TinyArcade - an arcade so itty-bitty it fits in the palm of your hand. Enjoy classic video games on this fully-functioning handheld mini arcade wherever and whenever you want. 


TinySaber Kit $24.95 
Defend the galaxy with the new TinySaber! Built around the ATtiny841 microcontroller, this product features sixteen vibrant SK6812mini RGB LEDs, capacitive touch sensors, an accelerometer, and a micro-USB port for battery charging and device programming. You can use the touch sensors to turn the device on and off, change color patterns, and even display Persistence-Of-Vision (POV) text! A double tap can change the base color of the TinySaber to red, green, or blue. Shop Now>


New! TinyZero IoT Kit $59.95
This TinyZero IoT Kit lets you get started creating an Internet of Things (IoT) project, using the TinyZero processor and the ATWINC1500 WiFi TinyShield.  This kit allows easy creation of miniature IoT projects using the TinyZero.


TinyScreen Smart Watch Kit $79.95 
This TinyScreen Smart Watch Kit lets you build and customize your own Smart Watch that can connect with your Android or Apple device. Shop Now>


TinyLily Mini Starter Kit $39.95
This TinyLily Mini Starter Kit lets you really get going to create some cool projects with the TinyLily Mini! Shop Now >




Tiny Violin $9.95
Compose a tiny tune with the new Tiny Violin! Built around the ATtiny841 microcontroller, this product features 9 capacitive touch sensors, 10 pre-loaded Nokia style ringtones, a loud magnetic buzzer, and simple coin cell power.  Shop Now>


Tiny Piano $9.95
Seven of the capacitive touch sensors are piano keys and play different pitches. On either side of the keyboard is a function touch pad. Touching the lower pad while playing the keys will result in a lower octave. The high pad will give you a higher octave. Touching both function keys at the same time will play one of 10 randomly selected ringtones!  Shop Now>


Tiny Battery Charger $6.95
This is a standalone Lithium battery charger which lets you charge up your batteries from a micro USB cable.  Shop Now >


Preloaded MicroSD Card + Adapter $9.95
This microSD card will be preloaded with the games and demo videos we have at the time of shipping, so you can just plug it in and start playing immediately. You'll also be able to download new games from our site and load them onto the card.