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    This is a standalone Lithium battery charger which lets you charge up your batteries from a micro USB cable.  The battery can connect to a JST SH connector  (the battery connector on the batteries that we sell at TinyCircuits). You can also use this without the JST connector with two large through holes to connect to a battery pack.  

    Simply plug the USB side with a cable into a USB port, and plug a lithium polymer or lithium ion rechargeable (3.7V / 4.2V) battery into the other side and it will start charging.  A status LED on the board will indicate when charging, and will turn off when fully charged.  

    Note: The battery and the microUSB cable are not included.   


      • 2-Pin JST SH Connector for battery connection
      • Includes two solder tabs to connect directly to battery terminals if desired
      • 100 mA charge current (can be set to 500mA with a resistor change)
      • Status LED indicates when charging
      • Robust Gold Finish – makes soldering easy and is non-corrosive


        • PCB Dimensions: 14mm x 9mm (0.511 inches x 0.354 inches)
        • Max Height: 3.7mm (0.146 inches)
        • Thin 0.61mm (0.024 inches) PCB
        • Weight: 0.540 grams (0.019 ounces) 


        • The charge current can be changed to 500mA by removing R3 and putting a 2K resistor in the R2 position.   



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