TinyScreen+ (Processor, OLED & USB in one) with SMPTE color bars
TinyScreen+ (Processor, OLED & USB in one) quarter size comparison
TinyScreen+ (Processor, OLED & USB in one)
TinyScreen+ (Processor, OLED & USB in one) cinematic view
TinyScreen+ (Processor, OLED & USB in one)

TinyScreen+ (Processor, OLED & USB in one)


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TinyScreen+ is TinyCircuits' second-generation processor board. We took our popular TinyScreen shield and added an Atmel SAMD21 32-bit ARM processor (the same one used in the Arduino Zero), USB port, power management, and battery charger - what you get is a powerful OLED development system in one square inch. We've kept our standard TinyShield expansion port, allowing for use of all of our current shields, and all 20 IO pins are available for use- the onboard OLED and four buttons are directly connected to extra hardware on the processor. The OLED is the same brilliant 16-bit color 96x64 pixel display, now capable of up to 40 FPS 16-bit color video playback from a microSD card, with the single-channel line-level audio output! TinyScreen+ uses the same TinyScreen library inside the Arduino programming environment, and most TinyScreen code and Arduino libraries will work as they are. 

    Main Features:

    • Atmel SAMD21 ARM processor, 96x64 pixel OLED with four input buttons
    • TinyShield expansion connector, built-in micro USB connection
    • Power switch, regulator, lithium battery management on board
    • Precision clock crystal and Real-Time Clock hardware built-in, low power standby
    • Up to 10 ADC inputs, up to 10 PWM outputs, up to 16 external interrupts
    To learn more about the TinyDuino Platform, click here
      • Atmel ATSAMD21G18A 32 bit ARM processor at 48MHz, Arduino Zero compatible
      • 0.96" (24.4mm) 96x64 pixel OLED display, 16-bit color depth
      • Dedicated hardware SPI and control pins to OLED and four onboard buttons
      • 32.728KHz clock crystal, RTC hardware built-in with standby mode down to 0.2mA
      • Expandable with our full lineup of stackable TinyShield boards
      • Lithium battery connector and charger built inset to a 200mA charge rate
      • Ultra-compact size and weight (one square inch!)
        •  1.02" x 0.98" (25.8mm x 25.0mm)
        • Maximum thickness: 6.0mm (0.24 inches)
        • Weight: 3.94 grams (0.139 ounces)
      • Atmel 32-bit ATSAMD21G18A ARM Microcontroller
        • 256KB Flash, 32KB SRAM
        • 12-bit ADC, 10-bit DAC
        • Default Clock speed: 48MHz
      • 2.7V – 5.5V operating voltage
      • 20 IO pins available- up to 10 ADC inputs or up to 10 PWM outputs
      • Arduino compatible bootloader with CDC Serial port, plug and play on OSX and Windows 10
      • The battery is not included and is sold separately. 
      • New users can get started with just the TinyScreen+, a micro USB cable, and a computer
      • Current users with TinyScreen code can run most existing code with minor changes
      • To send text to the Arduino IDE Serial Monitor, use the SerialUSB object instead of Serial
      • If you were able to upload a sketch to the TinyScreen+ and now it does not respond, you may need to force this into bootloader mode. To do this, power off the TinyScreen+ using the slide switch. Plug the USB cable into the TinyScreen+ and your computer. Then press and hold the button closest to the USB connector while sliding the switch to the ON position. Then try uploading your program to the TinyScreen+ and it should work. You may need to try this several times if it does not work the first time.
      • All batteries are sold separately


      Customer Reviews

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      Raymond Weinstein
      TinyTV and modules

      Everything works well and the customer/tech support was great. Thanks.

      So cool!

      Love the components from TinyCircuits! Very well designed, and modular expandability makes them so much fun to explore with. We first purchased a TinyTV kit from a different shopping site and found that the TinyScreen component did not work. After deep immersion in the very supportive TinyCircuits online community, we decided to simply buy a separate TinyScreen component directly from TinyCircuits. Shipped promptly, fit the rest of our kit perfectly, and is the coolest, tiniest TV that we have ever seen. Love to show to visitors. Programming is simple and very flexible, lots of examples to start you off. Highly recommended that you buy direct from TinyCircuits. Very creative team here, and we support an Akron-based small business!

      G Bunza
      TinyScreen+ well done

      Nice combo in one package. You can easily access four ports without the prototyping plugin by using the 4 buttons as GPIO pins (look up the button pin definitions in the library). One side of each button is GND the other connects to a Processor pin. Would be nice to have a version that had no buttons with more pins out to pads on the module. Scale model animation is my application.