Wireling Pi Hat - TinyCircuits
Wireling Pi Hat - TinyCircuits
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Wireling Pi Hat - TinyCircuits

Wireling Pi Hat


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This Pi Hat allows users to add Wirelings to their Pi projects. Featuring a 4-channel Multiplexer, Real-Time Clock (RTC), on-board voltage regulation and level shifting, this board allows you to add up to 4 Wireling Boards to your project with ease! 

There are two options when ordering this board:

1. Soldered: The female header pins to attach the Pi Hat to a Pi are soldered so you can get building as soon as possible

2. Not-Soldered: This option is best for you when you already have soldering equipment at home, or you want to use some other form of header pins

Note* 5-Pin Wireling cables not included and sold separately.

    TI PCA9544A Multiplexer Specs

    • I²C Bus 
    • Four Active-Low Interrupt Inputs
    • Active-Low Interrupt Output
    • Three Address Pins 

    DS1339 I²C Serial Real-Time Clock (RTC)

    • Manages all Timekeeping functions: Counts Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Date of the Month, Month, Day of the Week, and Year with Leap-Year Compensation Valid Up to 2100
    • Two Time-of-Day alarms

        Power Requirements

        • Voltage: 3.0V - 5.5V 

        Pins Used

        • A5/SCL - I²C Serial Clock line
        • A4/SDA - I²C Serial Data line
        • IO2 - Used for RTC
        • IO3 - Used for RTC
        • IO4 - Power Control 


        • 30mm x 65mm (1.18 inches x 2.56 inches)
        • Max Height: 12.5mm (0.48 inches) Measured from the top of the 5-pin connectors, and the bottom of soldered header pins
        • Weight: 6 gram (.21 ounces)
        • The multiplexer used allows you to use two or more I²C devices with the same address, without interference problems. 

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