TinyDuino Starter Kit - Coin Cell Version


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This TinyDuino Starter Kit is a great way to start with your TinyDuino and begin creating some cool projects! This kit comes with a TinyDuino processor with the coin cell battery holder (coin cell battery not included), so you can run your low power projects with a coin cell battery.  You can also power your TinyDuino with a USB cable plugged in.  

This kit includes the following items:

To learn more about the TinyDuino Platform, click here

    • For higher power projects you may want to check out the TinyDuino Starter Kit - Lithium Battery Version, which includes a rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery pack.
    • The TinyDuino processor board included has the coin cell option.  The coin cell (a CR1632) is not included in the kit.
    • The coin cell battery can only be used for low power applications and cannot be used to power every TinyShield (such as the TinyScreen or the WiFi TinyShield).  In these cases, plan on using the Lithium battery version of the TinyDuino Processor.    
    • A micro USB cable is not included in the kit.   

    Customer Reviews

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    William Mckinley
    What I would Like To See______

    I am pleased with your product delivery and product quality. I have searched the internet for books on the TinyCircuits products and specifically the TinyDuino and TinyZero. There are NONE to be found on step-by-step setup and use and other than those on your website projects, sketches etc. I would like to see someone take the initiative to write one or possibly a monthly on-line magazine. Personally I would like to see actual photos of PROTO boards being wired up put to use. I would also like more detailed information on the setting up and use of the various MEMORY boards. I feel that this would pique the interest of hobbyists and in the end create more sales of your products. I want to see your company grow.

    Yours Truly - Billmc

    Charles LaHeist

    I love this miniature platform of the Arduino, especially for demonstrating wearable IoT! This kit is great for having all that you need to start right off, and dev boards are included.