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This mini remote works with the all of the TinyTVs (the TinyTV Kit, the TinyTV 2 and the TinyTV Mini), and has some preset IR codes to use in any of your IR projects. This remote is not compatible with regular televisions and is intended only for usage in hobbyist projects.

This is available with either a 3D printed case, or without - both versions work the same.

The remote comes with a coin cell watch battery.

See button preset codes under Notes.

Works best about 12-18in. away from an IR Receiver. Works best with the TinyTV when pointed toward the top (where the receiver is).

This miniature remote pairs with the TinyTV that best fits a 1:12 scale for a working TV, while the remote fits closer to a 1:8 scale in order to maintain usable buttons. 


  • ATtiny841
    • 8 KB Flash Memory
    • 512 Bytes SRAM and EEPROM
    • Voltage: 1.7V - 5.5V
  • IR Emitter LED XZTHI56W
    • Emitting Material: GaA1As
    • Lens-color: Water Clear
    • Radiant Intensity CIE127-2007* (Po=mW/sr) @20mA:
      • Min: 1*
      • Typ 2.3*
    • Wavelength CIE127-2007* nm λP: 880*
    • Viewing Angle 2θ 1/2: 30°


  • CR1220 3V Lithium Coin Cell Watch Battery

 Button presets: 

  • Mute: 0x10AFF00F
  • Power: 0x10AF8877
  • Channel Down: 0x10AF20DF
  • Channel Up: 0x10AF807F
  • Volume Down: 0x10AFB04F
  • Volume Up: 0x10AF708F

Customer Reviews

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Daniel Sisu

Great product, works great and free download for the case on thingsverse !

Remote the perfect companion to Tiny TV 2

Works great, and is just big enough to use. My teenagers will love this for Christmas.

Dave TV
A must have!

Okay, not strictly necessary, it works just fine without the remote. But it’s a real neat trick to have one! And I love the feel of the 3D print; it feels more handcrafted. It’s a pleasure to hold.