Teal thumby held in fingertips of hands by TinyCircuits - tiniest game console
Grey Thumby front view by TinyCircuits - tiniest game console
Clear Thumby front view by TinyCircuits - tiniest game console
Pink Thumby front view by TinyCircuits - tiniest game console
Teal Thumby front view by TinyCircuits - tiniest game console
Tennis multiplayer game on Thumby the tiniest game console by TinyCircuits
Grey Thumby back view by TinyCircuits - tiniest game console
Clear Thumby back view by TinyCircuits - tiniest game console
Pink Thumby back view by TinyCircuits - tiniest game console
Thumby - Playable, Programmable Keychain

Thumby - Playable, Programmable Keychain


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Thumby is the smallest handheld console - play at the tips of your thumbs, it's a best friend for your keys, and an easy code learning tool all-in-one.

Start playing right away with 5+ preloaded  games. Download more games made by the Thumby community and learn to program your own using our free In-Browser Code Editor!


Play by yourself or with friends using the Thumby Link cable.


Check out our Thumby Documentation site to browse our tutorials, API, code examples for MicroPython, our Arduino library, and more!


Do you want to see or share Thumby games and hacks?? Join us on the TinyCircuits Discord!


Questions? Check out the other tabs on this page, or read through some answers for Thumby Frequently Asked Questions.


  • Processor: Raspberry Pi Pico RP2040
  • Memory: 2MB total storage
  • Connectivity:  micro USB for programming & multiplayer using Thumby Link cable
  • Display:  72x40 Monochrome OLED
  • Audio: Disc Piezo Audio
  • Inputs:  6 tactile buttons (4-way D-pad, 2 action buttons)
  • Power: Power switch, 40mAh Rechargeable LiPo Battery provides around 2 hours of gameplay - recharge the battery with a Micro USB Cable and any power source. 
  • Enclosure: Sturdy polycarbonate plastic case made using injection mold

    Power Requirements

    • Voltage: 3.3V - 5.0V 


      • 29.5mm x 18mm x 8.5mm (1.2" X 0.7" X 0.3")
      • Weight: 5.312g (0.187oz) with keychain / 4.812g (0.170oz) without keychain  ± 0.1g (0.004oz) tolerance
      • Thumby best fits a 1:5 model scale. 
      • Program Thumby using the Web Browser Code Editor - compatible with Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome browsers. 
      • Thumby was brought to life thanks to our amazing supporters from the Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns! 

      Customer Reviews

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      Kennedy Fox
      Great toy, bought it as a gift for cousins

      I got this as a gift for my two cousins, aged 14-16, who are interested in programming and video games. They like the system, it's cute, and the piezoelectric sound is a nice touch.

      Oliver Leu
      This is the best tiny console

      Okay so if you are here to play some big games that can rival today's games and be able to see the screen well with all the buttons still working. This is not for you. If you are a person that knows or wants to learn micro python and love little novelties this is the thing for you. I totally loved this thing. (I made rock paper scissors for it!) I didn't have much of an understanding of micro python but was still easily able to get into it. I love the community and all of the help I was given. It really made me want to continue with my project even if it seemed too hard. This is hard to play on though if you ain't a kid. To be honest I actually have no problem playing it and it after a few weeks felt big in my hands. There is one problem u got though but this seems to just be me. I was trying to install a special firmware on it so I could see it in file explorer. It didn't work and I was able to reverse it. But a few days after I saw that the speaker just didn't work. Not sure if it is related but I have a sinking feeling it is. So watch out for that. After all of this it is the best raspberry pi product in my opinion.