TinyLily Battery Adapter


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    Connect up your TinyLily Mini to standard battery packs that use the JST SH connector (the kind that we sell at TinyCircuits). You can also use this without the JST connector with two large through holes to connect to an external power supply or battery pack.  Note: The battery is not included.  


      • Washable
      • 2-Pin JST SH Connector to allow external batteries to be plugged in
      • Includes two solder tabs as an extra point to bring in external power
      • Robust Gold Finish – makes soldering easy and is non-corrosive


        • Dimensions: 12mm x 7mm (0.472 inches x 0.276 inches)
        • Max Height: 3.7mm (0.146 inches)
        • Ultra-thin 0.61mm (0.024 inches) PCB
        • Weight: 0.32 grams (0.011 ounces) 



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