TinyScreen Smart Watch Housing and Strap


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    This is the 3D printed enclosure (both the top and bottom half) and the watch wrist strap used to create a TinyScreen Smart Watch. The top 3D enclosure has space for the TinyScreen to snap in place and be held tightly, and has 4 bumped out buttons to allow for easy pressing of the TinyScreen side switches. A nylon NATO style watch strap is also included that will fit with the housing (length 27.5cm, width 20mm).  Note: This enclosure just works for the TinyScreen, it will not fit the TInyScreen+ board.  

    The 3D design files are provided free of charge and are open source, so you can modify them to make your own custom watch enclosure or print them on your 3D printer. (Note - these files are designed for a commercial dual-head 3D printer, so it likely will not print nicely on a consumer level single head printer).

    To learn more about the TinyDuino Platform, click here

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