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Temperature Sensor Wireling

Temperature Sensor Wireling


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This Wireling features the PCT2075 Temperature Sensor. This sensor has a range of -55°C up to 125°C and communicates over the I²C bus. New to Wirelings? Check out the Wireling Overview! Note* 5-Pin Wireling cables not included and sold separately.

    PCT2075 Temperature Sensor Specs

    • Temperature range from -55°C up to +125°C
    • 11 bit ADC that offers a temperature resolution of 0.125°C
    • Temperature accuracy of:
      • ±1 °C (max.) from -25 °C to + 100 °C
      • ±2 °C (max.) from -55 °C to + 125 °C
    • Programmable temperature threshold and hysteresis set points during operation
    • Supply current of <1.0 µA in shut-down mode for power conservation
    • Stand-alone operation as thermostat at power-up

      TinyDuino Power Requirements

      • Voltage: 3.0V - 5.5V 
      • Current: 70.0 µA (Normal Mode).  Due to the low current, this board can be run using the TinyDuino coin cell option
      • Current: <1.0 µA (Shut-Down Mode)

      Pins Used

      • A5/SCL - I²C Serial Clock line
      • A4/SDA - I²C Serial Data line


      • 10mm x 10mm (.393 inches x .393 inches)
      • Max Height (from the lower bottom of Wireling to upper top Wireling Connector): 3.70mm (0.15 inches)
      • Weight: 1 gram (.04 ounces)
      • You can also use this shield without the TinyDuino – modifying the connecting cable by removing the opposite connector and stripping/tinning the wires, you can solder the connector cable to any other microcontroller board of your choice!   

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