Lithium Ion Polymer Battery - 3.7V 40mAh
Lithium Ion Polymer Battery - 3.7V 40mAh
Lithium Ion Polymer Battery - 3.7V 40mAh

Lithium Ion Polymer Battery - 3.7V 40mAh


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This is a rechargeable Lithium-ion polymer battery that can power your projects. The battery has a capacity of 40mAh at 3.7V, the voltage can range from 4.2V when fully charged to 3.0V when completely discharged. The battery includes protection circuitry to protect the battery from overcharging or completely discharging. 

This lipo battery includes a micro JST SH connector, which is compatible with TinyCircuits products. 

  • Nominal Voltage: 3.7V
  • Nominal Capacity: 40mAh
  • Max Charge Current: 40mA (1C)
  • Max Discharge Current: 40mA (1C)
  • Dimensions: 3.5 ± 0.5mm x 8.0 ± 2.0mm x 20.0 ± 3.0mm (0.138±0.020" x 0.315±0.079" x 0.787±0.118")
  • Wire Length: 34.0 ± 5.0mm (1.338±0.197")
  • Weight: 1.1 grams
  • Battery Connector: JST SHR-02V-S-B
  • Mating connector: JST SM02B-SRSS-TB(LF)(SN)

Customer Reviews

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Robert Moore
Great "tiny" battery

fits my needs for an ultra light battery for a rubber powered R/C airplane... meeting weight requirements... but connection compatiblity, out side the company products... ??
But... the connector is not recognized by the receiver, nor charger... need an adapter... TBD.. they do specify connector type - JST-sh.... charger does not, just assume you know? Receiver specifies Molex1.25 Pico Blade, protected male... yet to find a mate.

Amazing little battery.

I purchased this to fit underneath a Seeeduino Xiao BLE, and it fits perfectly. (See photo for a size comparison of this battery to a 301230, next to a Pro Micro based controller)


Works great