EMAX ES9251 II Micro 2.5g Digital Servo


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    If you need high torque and precision in a tiny package, this is the servo to get. It is a digital servo so position accuracy is second to none.

    This servo is available with two different connectors. The JR Connector is the standard servo plug that will work with any normal radio control receiver. The JST-SH connector is much smaller and works with the Servo TinyShield and Horizon Hobbies Ultra Micro radio control electronics. Be sure to select the correct connector for your application.


      Performance Specs

      • Voltage: 4.8-6.0V (Tested down to 2.8v - it's very slow below 3.0V, but works correctly)
      • Torque at 4.8V: 0.25kg.cm
      • Speed at 4.8V: 0.09s / 60 degrees
      • Gear Material: Plastic
      • Weight: 3.6g with SH connector, without output arm or screws


      • 18x7.9x16.8mm
      • Weight: 3.6 gram (.127 ounces)


        • The second version of the ES9251 is different from the original - it now uses a 6mm coreless motor instead of 4mm. The new larger motor uses much less power (approximately 100mA vs 300mA stalled at 3.6V) but also results in somewhat slower movement and less torque.


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