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Accelerometer Wireling

Accelerometer Wireling


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This Wireling features the high performance and low power Bosch BMA250 3-axis accelerometer. The BMA250 allows measurement of accelerations in three perpendicular axes and thus senses tilt, motion, shock, and vibration in your projects. There is also an integrated temperature sensor built-in.

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Note* 5-Pin Wireling cables not included and sold separately.

    Bosch BMA250 Accelerometer Specs

    • 3-axis (X, Y & Z)
    • Digital resolution: 10bit
    • Resolution: 3.9mg
    • Measurement ranges: +-2g, +-4g, +-8g, +-16g
    • Sensitivity: 2g: 256LSB/g, 4g: 128LSB/g, 8g: 64LSB/g, 16g: 32LSB/g
    • Zero-g offset (over lifetime): +-80mg
    • Bandwidths: 1000Hz - 8Hz
    • Low Power: 139uA @2kHz data rate
    • Built-in temperature sensor

    TinyDuino Power Requirements

    • Voltage: 3.0V - 5.5V 
    • Current: 139uA (Normal Mode)

    Pins Used

    • A5/SCL - I2C Serial Clock line
    • A4/SDA - I2C Serial Data line


    • 10mm x 10mm (.394 inches x .394 inches)
    • Max Height (from the lower bottom of Wireling to upper top Wireling Connector): 3.70mm (0.15 inches)
    • Weight: 1 gram (.04 ounces)
    • You can also use this board without the TinyDuino – modifying the connecting cable by removing the opposite connector and stripping/tinning the wires, you can solder the connector cable to any other microcontroller board of your choice!    

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