200:1 Gear Reduction Motor


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    Add motion to your TinyDuino project! This gear motor uses the same JST connector that can be found on our Dual Motor TinyShield, meaning it can be plugged right in without any soldering or crimping.

    This motor has a built in gearbox which achieves 200:1 speed reduction for high torque. This makes it great for applications like robotics and anything else that would require high torque in a small package.

    Fits any wheel, gear, or other attachment that fits a 3mm diameter D profile shaft, like our 45mm Wheels.   




      • Wire Length: 100mm
      • Shaft Diameter x Length: 3mm x 9mm
      • Motor and Gearbox Dimensions: 26mm L, 12mm W, 10mm T
      • JST-SH Connector Pitch: 1mm (0.039")

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