TinyDuino Platform

The TinyDuino Platform is a miniature open-source electronics platform based on the easy-to-use hardware and software Arduino platform. The platform is comprised of a TinyDuino processor board and multiple TinyShields which add special functions, like sensors, communications, and display options that stack together like LEGO blocks. The TinyDuino Platform is also open-source, we have released all of the design files for all of our products. If you have a great idea you are free to design your own board derived from our design files which can be found here

  • Modular, each module has been optimized to include only the core circuits for its special function to keep the size and price as low as possible.
  • Simple, these boards are designed to be extremely easy to embed into your projects and to prototype with, no soldering required. 
  • Tiny, the TinyDuino Platform is an Arduino compatible board in an ultra-compact package. Imagine the possibilities of having the full power of an Arduino Uno in a size less than a quarter!

 To learn more about the TinyDuino Platform please visit our learn page

SRAM TinyShield

$ 9.95

This SRAM Tinyshield allows you to add memory to your TinyDuino projects that can read and write at a virtually instant rate. Built around the Microchip 23LC1024, this board allows for some extra processing memory when your Arduino device is powered on.

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This TinyLily Sewable sensor board features the high performance and low power Bosch BMA250 3-axis accelerometer. The BMA250 allows measurement of accelerations in three perpendicular axes and thus senses tilt, motion, shock, and vibration in your projects.

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This radio TinyShield is based around the very popular Nordic NRF24L01+ radio transceiver. The TinyShield is set to operate at 2.4GHz, can transmit at up to 2Mbps, and is very easy to use. This transceiver allows for long range communication between radios and is designed for an open field range of up to 500 meters

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TinyLily RGB LED


$ 1.95

This sewable board features a 5mm RGB LED, enabling you to add 24-bit resolution color to your Tiny Project! This LED has a built in driver IC, so it requires special libraries and serial data, not just applied voltage.

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