Proto Boards

Our Proto boards make prototyping with the TinyDuino quick and easy, so you can get your project going from beginning to end! 

Proto Terminal Blocks TinyShield


$ 4.95

This board makes prototyping with the TinyDuino simple without having to solder by using screw terminal blocks. Just place a wire into the signal that you need and screw it down with a small screwdriver.

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This kit allows TinyShields to be spaced out apart from one another by using two flat flex ribbon cable boards and a flexible ribbon cable.

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This proto board brings all of the TinyShield signals out to a point that you can solder to. All of the signals are marked and are spaced with 0.1″ spacing (same spacing as on the standard Arduino Uno), so a standard 0.1″ header can be used if desired.

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