TinyArcade Preloaded microSD Card


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  • TinyArcade Preloaded microSD Card - TinyCircuits


    For use with the TinyArcade and the Pocket Arcade - these arcades really shine when using the internal microSD card slot! The TinyArcade can run a single game from it's internal memory, but with a microSD card, you can store many games and videos and use the TinyArcade menu to select which one to play.


    This microSD card will be preloaded with the games and demo videos we have at the time of shipping, so you can just plug it in and start playing immediately.


    All games for the Pocket Arcade and TinyArcade are free and open-source. Some of our favorites include Flappy Birdz, Tiny Brick, and Asteroids! Being open-source and providing free and customizable content, we look forward to building a community of gamers who edit and develop their own games. Share your work, join in the fun, ask questions and give design tips to others on the forum.