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Compose a tiny tune with the new Tiny Violin! Built around the ATtiny841 microcontroller, this product features:

  • 9 capacitive touch sensors
  • 10 pre-loaded Nokia style ringtones
  • A loud magnetic buzzer
  • Simple coin cell power
  • Four of the capacitive touch sensors are strings on the violin
  • Four of the sensors are along the neck of the violin change the tone
  • At the bottom of the violin is a touch sensor to start playing one of 10 randomly selected ringtones! 


  • 8 KB Flash Memory
  • 512 Bytes SRAM and EEPROM
  • Voltage: 1.7V - 5.5V


    • 56mm x 19mm x 12mm (2.2 inches x .75 inches x 0.47 inches)
    • Weight: 9.5 grams (.335 ounces) 
      • The Tiny Violin uses an ATtiny841 Microcontroller, but since it doesn't have USB support, it is not re-programmable without some serious hacking.
      • The tunes programmed on each Tiny Violin are randomly selected from a set of 200 tones during the manufacturing process. Most examples of Tiny Violin are unique! 

      Customer Reviews

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      tiny violin

      finally received my tiny violin it works fine not great on volume needs to be switched on and off to hear all the preprogramed ring tones. its a fun and unique item. waiting to see if any upgrades or what's next.

      Marc Fisher
      For an Electrical Engineer violinist. Should prove interesting to both disciplines

      This should prove an interesting gift for my daughter in law who’s an Electrical Engineer and reasonably accomplished musician. I look forward to her feed back.