Wireling Kickstarter Overview

Wireling Kickstarter Overview

Wirelings by TinyCircuits

Wirelings are tiny boards that plug into your projects to add sensors, I/Os, and tons of other possibilities! Without soldering, you can add Wirelings to your TinyCircuits projects with our Wireling Adapter TinyShield, or try out one of our new, specially designed processor boards (the efficient WirelingZero with all the basics, or our all-but-the-kitchen-sink board RobotZero). You can also use Wirelings with the Standard Arduino using our Wireling Arduino Shield, or with a Raspberry Pi, using our Wireling Pi Hat. These are some of the things we've made to make their use easy and simple, but Wirelings can be used in any other hardware project!

All the magic happens in the 5-pin Wireling Cable that connects these versatile boards to your existing hardware platforms. With the use of this cable, you can throw out that breadboard, and start prototyping right away by simply plugging in the components you want to use.

If you do want to keep soldering and breadboarding to add Wirelings to other platforms, all you need to do is cut the 5-pin Wireling Cable and connect it however you need!

If you backed our Kickstarter, thank you again so much!! Share what you make with Wirelings on social media @TinyCircuits

Wireling Kickstarter Kits 

All of our products are supported with example code and tutorials that can be found on our Learn Page.

This page will hold all of our documentation updates as they go LIVE!

Last Update: February 17th, 2020

Basic Kit

Gif demonstrating the behavior of the Wirelings with the program included in the tutorial running


  • Basic Kit project (this ships preloaded on the WirelingZero processors (if shipped after 12-30-19), and the behavior is what is shown in the above gif, and more!)

Starter Kit

WirelingZero with 0.42" Wireling, RGB LED Wireling, Distance Sensor Wireling, and Color Sensor Wireling

Starter Kit Contents:

Raspberry Pi Learn Pages:


Planty Kit



    Planty Kit Project

    IoT Kit




      Healthy Kit

      Health Kit TinyScreen+ display of health data


      Basic Robot Kit


      Project & Building Instructions: 

      Premium Robot Kit

      Project & Building Instructions: 

      As seen on Kickstarter (Projects)

      Air Quality Meter

      Air quality meter displayed on TinyScreen+

      Custom fitness tracker
      RGB scooter hardware
      weather station with anemometer blowing in wind