Thumby Carrying Cases

Thumby Carrying Cases

Thumby is small and can be hard to find when it's lost! To protect the Thumby enclosure and keep from misplacing it, using a case can be a great option.

During the Kickstarter, special edition Thumbys were packaged in gameboy game cartridge cases, and these continue to be great to use in a pocket for carrying. @dardennda showed off their Kickstarter order highlighting the special edition Gold Thumby in a case:

 Special edition gold thumby in a case, with a gray Thumby in a standard shipping box with a PCB keychain strewn across the bottom

Some sewing skills by @Abracadabera on Discord were used to make a soft Thumby case:

Sewn Thumby case

Surprisingly, toothbrush cases work perfectly for the Thumby size. @Adrian 2 Cool got enough for all their Thumbys:

Thumbys of each color: gray, teal, clear, pink in colored toothbrush cases

Mint cases can also fit Thumby well, and with some customizations @hemlockmay created a wonderful gift that highlights their awesome single or 2-player game Umby & Glow:

Three pictures edited next to each other, showing the outside of the case with an Umby & Glow sticker, the pictured inside has red felt material that is git to hold two Thumbys. The mint case reads "Have 2! Just in case"

Where you can't repurpose something for a carry case, you can design and 3D print one. This case by @FadedCrimson on Discord is designed to carry two Thumbys on a keychain:

Animation of a pink 3D printed Thumby carrying case that looks like a Thumby with space for two Thumbys inside the case

A smaller 3D-printed version designed by @John_Wet:

Thumby case that looks like Thumby, creating the appearance of a thicker thumby with the keychain hanging out of the case

Check out the print files on Thingiverse

You can also wear Thumby to carry it with you. Check out these Thumby jewelry designs!

Or maybe you just want a protective case:

Protective Thumby cases