Wearable Thumby Game Console Jewelry

Wearable Thumby Game Console Jewelry

Thumby is small, around the size of a thumb, so it's easy and fun to work it into a wearable accessory!

The small gaming console works great as a necklace, as discovered by @Xyvir:

Thumby necklace with a Micro USB B cable bracelet

Their bracelet in the above image also works as an on-the-go Thumby charger:

Clear thumby plugged into a micro USB B cable bracelet

@Xyvir's other Thumby was modified to work as a watch charm that snaps on:

 The first half of the image shows a Gray Thumby snapped onto a watch band. The second half of the image shows the snap on the back of the Thumby and the mating snap on the watch strap

@Adrian 2 Cool also worked a Thumby into a watch, making it more of a focal point:

4 different Thumbys (pink, clear, teal, and gray) in a row showing different modifications with a focus on the gray thumby augmenting a watch bracelet

Last, but not least, Thumby can be great as a ring with the right design. Moshgra did a great job creating wearable Thumby rings:

Three images tiled together to show the 3D design model of the ring, the 3D printed ring next to a Thumby, and a person's hand wearing the ring with the Thumby snapped into it

Updated ring design with circuit routing texture on the outer rim of the ring

 What's next? Thumby earrings?