Thumby Micro Game Jam (French) - a Gamecodeur Game Jam

Thumby Micro Game Jam (French) - a Gamecodeur Game Jam

A game jam is a period of time dedicated to making games with a set of parameters or limitations that community members work on individually, or sometimes collaboratively, to create a playable game by the end of the jam time. 

Thumby has a small (72 by 40 pixels) monochrome OLED display, so the limitations of the screen alone make it a great candidate for a game jam! Using the sprite editor from the Thumby Code Editor, prototyping and building a quick micro game is very approachable for beginners and experts alike in game-making and pixel art. Here are the challenges that were outlined for the game jam: 

✅ Code a microgame on a virtual console inspired by the Thumby, the smallest console in the world

✅ Use (without modifying it) the "Virtual Thumby" Framework that I programmed especially for the occasion -- Download link: 

✅ Use, for display, only the virtual API offered by the framework ( see the documentation ) 

Note: The official Thumby Documentation by TinyCircuits is different from the above information and includes a MicroPython API, Blockly block-based programming support, and Arduino C/C++ support

While the game jam takes points from Thumby's limitations, the games themselves were not written in MicroPython and, unfortunately, are not playable on Thumby itself. Here's a description that was posted in the TinyCircuits Discord from the game jam creator, Gamecodeur on YouTube:

"Hey community. If you can read french, I created a virtual Thumby with Lua and Love2d and launched a game jam on it. This is not an emulator. I just reproduce[d] the constraints of the original hardware: low FPS, resolution, use of get/setpixel API only for display. It spreads the love for the Thumby and many participants bought a real Thumby for the occasion. I have one of course and it gave me the idea for this event."

Their official announcement on the game jam from YouTube: 


Check out some of the 25 game submissions that were made:

Thumby Game Jam screenshot of submitted games

To read more about any of the individual games, check out the game jam page and view the submission pages of each game with full details!