Dragon' Lair on Thumby

Dragon' Lair on Thumby

In Dragon's Lair's original publication, the western-style graphics and immersive story-telling gameplay led to its widespread popularity and cult attraction, highlighting revolutionary game-graphics due to technology advancements in LaserDisc and illustrations by Don Bluth.

In recent years, the saga brought to life by Rick Dyer and Don Bluth's work on the 1983 Dragon's Lair arcade game continues in the form of a cinematic adaptation. The effort to capture and show the backstory for Dirk the Daring and Daphne the damsel-in-distress in a prequel format promises to show more character development than what the game series hints. The endeavor was initiated by the crowdfunding Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns that helped inspire interest and support by the community. Since the Indiegogo campaign was fully backed, the movie adaptation is expected to be a live action film picked up by Netflix, possibly featuring the actor Ryan Reynolds. 

 In smaller news, clips from Dragon's Lair have been reformatted by @AyreGuitar, the renowned TinyCircuits Discord pixel whisperer, to display them on Thumby, using the community-formed grayscale library after attempting a monochrome version that left the pixel artist dissatisfied: "I couldn't get it looking good enough in just B&W". See for yourself the differences in the black and white and the grayscale version that added two more colors, or shades of gray, to allow for more illustrative capacity:

Dragon's Lair on 72 by 40 pixel display using grayscale for Thumby

 Dragon's Lair Black and White 42 by 70 pixels for Thumby

@AyreGuitar credits FFmpeg for resizing and recoloring the video snippet and ImageMagick for help in ordered dithering.

While Dragon's Lair isn't playable on the Thumby for now, it's amazing to see what is possible with the small amount of pixels and few colors in a 72 by 40 window of pixels!

Dragon's Lair on a Thumby

Photo of @AyreGuitar's Thumby Displaying the Grayscale Version of the video snippet of Dragon's Lair 

Dragon's Lair font in title image sourced from: Wikipedia Commons - for removal, please Contact Us