Cute Pet Animals & Thumby

Cute Pet Animals & Thumby

This blog is dedicated to all the creatures and their caretakers' photo shoots with Thumby!

The title image shows Discord User @Auri's tiny dog and a green Thumby that was available to the Kickstarter backers that brought Thumby to life. The matching sweater color is so sweet!

@JohnnyArway's tiny hamster helps show the scale of the tiny game console:

Hamster with small keychain game console

Hamster playing a small video game console
Another small, or mini, dog, @Mrs.Sonn's Mini Dachshund on Instagram holds up a tiny paw to the Thumby keychain:


This YouTube review shows a fluffy cat's interest in clear case Thumby, probably rating it a 5 out of 5 stars based on how happy it looks!
Thumby isn't limited to the love of furry mammals, or even typical pet creatures! The @SanAntonioZoo pictured their tiny Texas horned lizard next to a Kickstarter-backed green Thumby. With Thumby measuring up at the small dimensions of 29.5mm x 18mm x 8.5mm (1.2" X 0.7" X 0.3") - it's crazy to think how small this tiny lizard is too!


Thanks to all the small pets and the people with cameras that captured these cute moments of Thumby with animals!