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Servo TinyShield


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The Servo TinyShield allows you to drive four independently controlled Servos from your TinyDuino! An external power connection is supplied to connect up to your power source (like a battery).

This TinyShield uses the TinyDuino I2C interface - saving GPIO pins on the TinyDuino processor for other tasks. An easy-to-use Arduino library is provided to control this. Multiple Servo Controller TinyShields can be stacked on the same TinyDuino board (up to four Servo Controller TinyShields). There are resistors that can be changed to set the I2C address.

To learn more about the TinyDuino Platform, click here

    To see what other TinyShields this will work with or conflict with, check out the TinyShield Compatibility Matrix

        TinyDuino Power Requirements

        • Voltage: 3.0V - 5.5V 
        • Current: 5mA (Logic only)

        Pins Used

        • A5/SCL - I2C Serial Clock line
        • A4/SDA - I2C Serial Data line


          • 20mm x 20mm (.787 inches x .787 inches)
          • Max Height (from lower bottom TinyShield Connector to upper top TinyShield Connector): 5.11mm (0.201 inches)
          • Weight: 1.62 grams (.06 ounces)
          • The Servos are not powered from the main TinyDuino power, there is a separate power connection labelled VM on this board that must be connected to your power supply for the motors.       
          • Be sure that your power supply is sufficient to operate these servos as well as your logic – batteries are the best. If you are running both the servos and the logic off of one power supply, we recommend avoiding using a switching power supply as the transients can potentially damage items connected to the logic side. 

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