TinyPiano is a tiny open source noisemaker created for the enjoyment of attendees of the 2017 Open Hardware Summit, held in Denver, Colorado, USA.  We're a huge believer in Open Source Hardware, and happy to support and attend this event for another year.

TinyPiano is a simple coin cell operated device, with a magnetic buzzer to generate sound, and capacitive touch piano keys.  There are also two function keys included to generate lower or higher tones, and a microcontroller loaded with ten wonderful Nokia-style ringtone tunes.




The TinyPiano comes with three sets of screws and nuts to use as legs.  Put the screws through the three holes in the TinyPiano PCB and tighten the nuts on the other side of the PCB to hold these in place.  Then insert the coin cell battery into the coin cell holder. Done!



1. Turn the switch to the ON position(away from the keys) to turn on the TinyPiano. 

2. Touch any of the seven piano keys to play a tone

3. Hold F1 (this is the metal of the power switch case) and a piano key for a lower tone

4. Hold F2 and a piano key for a higher tone

5. Press F1 and F2 at the same time, and the TinyPiano will start playing a programmed tune!



    TinyPiano Specs

    • Atmel ATTiny841 Processor
    • Integrated power switch
    • Coin Cell: 3V, CR2032 Lithium 
    • Magnetic buzzer for audio output
    • Seven capacitive touch piano keys
    • Two capacitive touch function keys


      • Board: 44mm x 32mm (1.73 inches x 1.26 inches)
      • Height: 13.8mm (0.543 inches) with 'legs'
      • Weight (with battery): 9.7 gram (0.34 ounces)


      • The tunes programmed on each TinyPiano are randomly selected during manufacturing from a set of 200 tunes. Most examples of TinyPiano are unique!