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TinyLily Accelerometer

TinyLily Accelerometer


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This TinyLily Sewable sensor board features the high performance and low power Bosch BMA250 3-axis accelerometer.  The BMA250 allows measurement of accelerations in three perpendicular axes and thus senses tilt, motion, shock, and vibration in your projects. There is also an integrated temperature sensor built in.

Even though the BMA250 is designed to run at 1.8V – the Accelerometer TinyShield incorporates level shifters and a local power supply to ensure proper and safe operation over the entire TinyDuino operating voltage range up to 5V.

  • Washable
  • Four Sewtabs – 1.2mm in diameter, easy to use with standard conductive thread and needles
  • Robust Gold Finish – makes soldering easy and is non-corrosive

    Power Requirements

    • Voltage: 3.0V - 5.5V 


      • Dimensions: 14mm diameter(0.0.55 inches)
      • Max Height: 2.5mm (0.1 inches)
      • Ultra-thin 0.61mm (0.024 inches) PCB
      • Weight: .305 grams (0.0108 ounces)

      If using conductive thread that frays easily, wax thread before using. The SDA and SCL lines can easily short with stray thread causing your sensor to not work.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
      Adam Rosenberg
      Good and bad

      The accelerometer works. The library to access it for Arduino is very simple to use. It is not easy to use alligator clips so either get the more expensive little spring loaded probes or have your more experienced friend solder some wires on for you. I didn't even try the conductive thread because I had a hard enough time trying that with just an led. I think the CAD drawings may be incorrect because, in my software, the diameter was smaller than the processor board. I am also disappointed that the board doesn't bring out the interrupts so it cannot be programmed to wake up the processor. It's just good enough for a demo.

      Gerold Bischof
      Best service

      Everything was fine - transportation and articles