Whiskers are now Wirelings!

Whiskers are now Wirelings!

Whiskers have a new name... WIRELINGS! This may sound familiar to you Game of Thrones fans, as the "Wildlings" were known as the free people who lived beyond the wall. Well, the name Wirelings came from the idea of how these new Tiny boards connect, via wires or cables. We will be updating everything across www.tinycircuits.com and learn.tinycircuits.com to Wirelings, please excuse us for any confusion this may cause! 

Why the name change? Well, it turns out "Whiskers" is very similar to some other electronic products on the market and could cause some confusion. So after some discussion with another company that uses a very similar name, we decided it would be best to change the name now to prevent any possible conflicts.  

We're also in the midst of manufacturing Wirelings now, and the first orders should start shipping out in less than two weeks!  


Ken and the TinyCircuits team