TinyTV Hall of Fame

TinyTV Hall of Fame

TinyTV Kits have made it into a lot of creative hands, so we wanted to put all of the wonderful paint jobs, designs, and videos that have been made with the TinyTV in one place as a sort of "TinyTV Hall of Fame".

    This page will be updated with TinyTV creations as time goes on and we receive more videos and tags from lovely customers!

    Last updated December 2021



    Crafty YouTuber TheCrafsMan built a TinyTV for his G.I.Joe figures so that they could "watch a little TV". His build includes a real wood grain layer placed onto the TinyTV, as well as a mesh material to mimic a tweed fabric over the enclosure's speaker panel.



    Our friend Richard, or @RichArcade, took the TinyTV hardware and discovered that the Hallmark Arcade ornaments are the perfect size for our tiny screens! Check out @RichArcade's full post on the TinyCircuits forum that includes more pictures of his build!



    @thewookieewon let his Vader comfily watch some TV with a snack.




    Norm from Adam Savage's Tested YouTube channel shared their review of the TinyTV and Thumby along with a cool mint green resin print using our open source TinyTV files!




    The magician Frank Paris added a TinyTV to his Flea Circus so that he can reward the fleas with some TV if they do a good job on the show!




    This creative paint job made the TinyTV look like the anthropomorphized gaming console BMO from the show Adventure Time! Thanks to both @handazuke and @makeshiftgifts for this wonderful collaboration!




    TastySurrealBowl posted a video of their fireplace mantel with a TinyTV fireplace of its own




    @meics_world made a few comfy video nights leading up to Christmas for her 1:12 scale cats, and furniture!




    Instagrammer @whataslacker created a comfy LEGO living room with some kitties, their TinyTV fireplace, and a novel!




    Our friend @sir_wheelz from our local MakerSpace built all of our popular DIY Kits, including the TinyTV, and loaded videos of each kit being built onto the device that was built. 




    Instagrammer @alicewilde88 used some free time in quarantine to do a fantastic paint job on a TinyTV using metallic sharpies, acrylic paint, and sealed it with mod podge! 




    From Twitter, Elijah shared his awesome paint job and handmade remote case!




    Instagrammer @imjacobwaites painted a TinyTV featuring the Wistia logo and icnluded 36 channels of Wistian programming to complete the present for @hollysemibold