TinyTV DIY Kit Remote Cases on Thingiverse

TinyTV DIY Kit Remote Cases on Thingiverse

TinyCircuits Discord server member and Thingiverse user @knoptop created four different variations of 3D printed remote cases. These files are free and open to the public for download! Check them out on Thingiverse.

TinyTV DIY Kit Remote with 3D printed case

Some words from @knoptop on how to make the most of the prints:

"I recently purchased a Tiny TV kit from Tiny Circuits and though the kit comes with a 3D printed TV shell, I couldn't find any designs for the tv remote control board. I designed a few versions for anyone wanting to have a shell case on their Tiny TV Remote.

I'm new to 3D designing so I hope this design prints good for you. The design tolerances are pretty tight, and you may need to trim the corners of the rim where the two sides slide together. I've printed and tested all the TV Remote designs and they all work, but each needed a small pair of pliers to lightly squeeze the shell together. Just be sure you've cleaned up any residue and scraps that may interfere with the lip from sliding into the other half as well as the holes for the buttons.

You will also find a bonus file of the remote board reference I created to help designing these shell cases.

The "classic" remote shell prints best face up, while the other parts print better (and faster) face down. The "classic" remote is my favorite and I'd like to add an insert plate to cover the button area, but haven't gotten around to it for the sample photos.

I hope some of you can get some use from this design and get a chance to print in some fun colors and custom paint!"