Thumby WEEJA Spirit Board - A Tiny Ouija

Thumby WEEJA Spirit Board - A Tiny Ouija

This Ouija-inspired Thumby example was created as a personal pixel art design challenge by the maker, @AyreGuitar, to see if they could fit the board in the small 72 by 40 pixel screen, remarking it's "more of an eye test really!"

Directions for use: ask a question and press the A or B button to see the planchet move. Watch it hover over letters to communicate spiritual messages. Wait until it stops before trying again!

 Try the WEEJA example yourself to discern life-changing questions in possibly the tiniest way ever made! Here is the current list of messages, but don't be afraid to add your own: 

Screenshot of weeja game messages from array in micropython program

Note: The WEEJA example is not currently available in the Thumby Arcade, so you will need to download the .py file and add it to the Thumby manually: 

WEEJA MicroPython Source Code Download