Thank you for an amazing 2018!

Thank you for an amazing 2018!

2018 was a big year for TinyCircuits- not only for our team but for the army of creative makers worldwide. Thank you for making our favorite moments from this year possible, and for being part of this incredible community! Our most important mission for 2019 is to continue to provide you with the very best design, quality + service in this New Year. 


In February TinyCircuits joined the eBay Retail Revival and now have approximately 100 products for sale in our eBay store. TinyCircuits is one of 120 companies from the Akron and Warren areas selected to participate in the eBay Retail Revival, a 12-month pilot program that offers training and support to help companies learn best practices for selling on the platform. Read more >

We were fortunate to take the crew to the Bay Area Maker Faire where we released the Pocket Arcade + the Tiny Piano. By the end of the weekend, we had sold out of Pocket Arcades! We also got to talk to countless makers who have and continue to use the TinyDuino platform in their projects. We also received numerous tips and suggestions, which we took to heart as we made some changes to our website and products. Read more >

 Two months later in July the team joined forces and headed to the Detroit Maker Faire! 

August was a big month, in a Tiny way! The retail version of the Tiny Arcade launched in fancy packaging and became available for sale on our site + in stores! 


TinyCircuits sponsored the Open HW Summit in September. Ken + Ben attended the event and attendees received a very special custom TinyViolin! Read More >

In November for Cyber Monday, we released a new batch of products including the TinyZero, a major new upgrade to the TinyCircuits line. Also in the release was the TinyVideo Player Kit, the MicroSD/Audio TinyShield, TinyZero IoT Kit and the new NRF24L01 + 2.4GHZ Radio TinyShield. Check it out >  

Going into 2019 we look forward to growing our brand, engaging with our community and sharing your creations! Think you might like to have your project or tutorial featured in a future blog post? Share it with us on social media or email us at 

Stay tuned, 2019 will bring a soon to come release of the TinyTV. A new robot processor platform - a TinyZero robot board. Also, we will welcome Wirelings – a new, simple and Tiny way to connect sensors to your projects.

Happy New Year! 


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