Physbot Biowearable Learning Kit using Wirelings

Physbot Biowearable Learning Kit using Wirelings

Wirelings are already being used by various institutions across the country. Ohio State University's 4-H Science group has recently developed the PhysBot Biowearable Learning Kit. This first-of-its-kind educational kit provides 5th–12th graders everything they need to learn how tracking physical activity and fitness improves overall health. 
The PhysBot assembles in minutes, includes a data tracking device, wristband, external heart rate monitor, 9V battery connector (battery not included), and instructions. Plus, a curriculum guide, proprietary software, and web support are available via links below.
The PhysBot device is equipped with an Arduino microcontroller that connects heart rate, steps traveled, and temperature to the tracker’s circuitry. Users monitor activity with the tracker’s exclusive LED display, providing an enhanced data tracking experience. Data transmitted from the Wireling Pulse Sensor to the Arduino processor is stored, processed, and transmitted to a Mac or Windows computer via a detachable USB cable.

Physbot Features: 

  • Exposed circuitry is designed to demystify the components that make up a fitness tracker.
  • Compass uses a magnetometer built into a 9-axis sensor to determine the direction of magnetic north.
  • Step counter uses an accelerometer built into a 9-axis sensor to count steps. 
  • Heart rate monitor measures differences in reflected light through the skin as a pulse.   
  • The temperature sensor is part of the device's 9-axis sensor.  
  • Calendar/date/time is in real-time as long as power remains connected using a special frequency crystal (32.768kHz).
  • Data logging stores up to 1MB of data to flash memory, which is about 8 hours of data with a logging interval of 1 second.
  • Proprietary software is designed for Windows and Mac systems and allows users to track data.

“TinyCircuits quickly moved our Physbot fitness tracker from concept to reality with its innovative family of Wirelings technology. Their shop provided consultation, circuit design, firmware design, prototyping, troubleshooting, and integrated support with our software designer as part of their estimate. Plus, the component assembly was performed inhouse at their Akron, Ohio facility providing greater control of the manufacturing process. Even a small batch order such as ours was given the utmost attention throughout the production process. Thanks to TinyCircuits’ family of Wirelings Technology, hardware designers now have access to an expansive toolbox of compatible sensors and miniaturized components providing 100% scalability as the product evolves. By incorporating a second port on the Physbot motherboard, additional sensors can easily be offered on future models.”

-Robert L Horton, Ph.D. Extension Specialist Ohio 4-H Youth Development