GPS Tracker Kit by

GPS Tracker Kit by has recently unveiled their Electromaker Kits! Currently, they have three kits including a disco helmet, GPS tracker and a mood lamp. Electromaker Kits provide a comprehensive solution that includes virtually everything you'll need, from video tutorials to electronic components and 3D printing STL files. Their kits use popular off-the-shelf components they're easy to understand as well as customizable. They have kits for all skill levels. Plus, when ordering a kit, you can remove any components from the kit that you already own for additional savings. 

The GPS Tracker Kit uses mostly TinyCircuits components including the GPS TinyShield, Flash Memory TinyShield, TinyDuino Processor Board, and the USB TinyShield. Build your own 3D printable GPS tracker to track your hikes, bike rides, and other outdoor pursuits. You could even track your pet! will show you exactly how to build the device using their online video tutorials, and they also provide you with all the components required to build the battery-powered tracking device. All you need to provide is some filament to print the small enclosure.

This kit is simple to build, just click the boards together and upload the pre-written code. Once the GPS tracker is built you can start recording GPS co-ordinates! Power it on and take it anywhere, hiking, biking or track your pets! You can then plug it into your computer and upload the data to Google Maps to see exactly where it has been. has also designed a range of attachment options for your print too including a clip for a belt, a strap connector for a bag and a GoPro foot. The best part, no soldering required!