Build Your Own Robot -- New Products

Build Your Own Robot -- New Products

Interested in building your own robot? We have the parts, all you need is a maker attitude! So, what's new? We're glad you asked.

This 45 MM Wheel is the perfect way to add motion to your TinyDuino project. The wheel features a grippy rubber tire and a sturdy, plastic rubber hub. Just think how much cooler your robotics project could be if it was able to move around on its own! Intrigued? Click the photo above to be directed to the shop site. The 45 MM Wheel fits any motor with a 3 mm diameter D profile shaft. Don't have a motor to fit this wheel? Read on!

The 200:1 Gear Reduction Motor was built for makers with projects requiring high torque in a tiny package. Like the name says, this motor has a built in gearbox which allows it to reach 200:1 speed reduction for high torque. Interested in powering those wheels on your robot, or any other project requiring high torque? Tap the image above to be directed to the shop site! 

dual motor tinyshield - JST motor connector

Finally, our Dual Motor TinyShield -- JST Motor Connector. What's so special about this little guy? Well, for starters, it uses the same JST connector as the 200:1 Gear Reduction Motor. What does this mean for you? It means the motor can be plugged in without soldering or crimping! *happy dance*

Some other fun facts about the board:

    • Includes bypass capacitors and heatsinks the chips to a large plane on the bottom side of the board to help with heat dissipation.
    • An external power connection is supplied to connect to your motor power source. All the connections to the motors use standard 0.1″ spaced holes that you can solder your motor leads into.  
    • There are internal shutdown functions for over-current protection, short-circuit protection, under-voltage lockout and over temperature.

Want to know more? You know you do, so click the pic above and it'll send you on your way to the shop link!

Have a blast creating, and don't forget to share your project with us once you're done! Tag us @TinyCircuits on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for a chance to be featured!

Enjoy our *tiny* creation below.

robot gif