TinyScreen Update

TinyScreen Update

Shipping Update

976 of the rewards have shipped out, so we're about 2/3rd's the way through shipping. I want to thank everyone for your patience during this! We really do hope that we're able to get the last orders shipped out by the end of March.

The remaining orders are mostly ones that have joysticks (video game kit, deluxe kit, robot kit and other higher levels) these took longer than expected to get built up. Also orders that have the 433MHz board have been held up, these are being manufactured early next week so orders with those in them should start shipping out towards the end of next week.

When your order ships, we will send you a confirmation email so you'll know when to expect the package.


We've made some great progress on enclosure for the smart watch and the video game kit, and these will officially be released very soon. We're working with the incredible designer from Mechanimal to design and print these, and will have these for sale very soon on Shapeways and on our direct site.

The enclosure consists of two halves the snap together (no screws needed), and includes four "living hinges" where the buttons on the TinyScreen are, so you can easily push the buttons on the screen to interact with the watch.

We've just made up our first batch of twelve enclosures for the final smart watch body, here are some pictures of the process:

Twelve tops and bases out of the printer - still with support material


11 finished smart watch enclosures (the 12th is on me right now :)


The two halves to the enclosure, they snap together


"Living Hinge" buttons - they work incredibly well!


Watch on my hand

New Orders

A lot of people are asking about ordering more TinyScreens and the different TinyShields - these will definitely be available for normal sale on our website and our distributors after all the Kickstarter orders are sent. The Backerkit site is also still live if you would like to place a preorder for any items even if you've already received your order.

We're still updating our site to list the new products, but these should be up in the next two weeks, although they will not be ordereable until the Kickstarter is complete.

Examples / Demos

We've got all hands working on production right now to get the last units out, but we definitely plan on releasing many more demos, tutorials and projects using the TinyScreen in the next few weeks. We have several tutorials available on our Hackster page, including a tutorial on getting started with your TinyScreen, and one on how to display images and videos on it.

On our Codebender page we have code demos to get you going, including a Joystick example, a basic Smart Watch app (this will definitely be expanded soon), video playback and example games (Flappy Birds).

For the Smartwatch example, the TinyDuino sketch on Codebender will work over Bluetooth Low Energy with Android Devices (4.3 and above) to get notifications. The Android app can be downloaded from github here. The iOS version is still a few weeks out, although you can get an iOS example from Nordic semiconductor for the nRF8001 BLE chipset if you want to start playing on your own now.

Thanks again for all the support!

Ken & the team at TinyCircuits