TinyScreen Shipping!

TinyScreen Shipping!

We're happy to announce that production is moving very smoothly, and we're shipping out the first 50 TinyScreen's to backers today!  Another 100 orders will ship out early next week.  The first orders that will be shipping out will be the TinyScreen Basic Kits and TinyScreens by themselves, and will be for the early bird order levels.

TinyScreen boards packaged and ready to ship

An additional 2000+ OLED displays are due to arrive in from our supplier the first week of February, which will let us build up the remaining TinyScreen boards in mid to late February.  We are still on track to deliver all of the units by the end of Feb!

Production Update

Since we have so many different boards and modules that are being offered, some items are still being built up which is why some kits are not yet shipping initially.

Boards in full production:

  • The new TinyDuino processor board (with Lithium Battery support)
  • The new USB TinyShield
  • TinyScreen (PCBs being assembled, waiting on remaining OLED glass shipment)
  • Joystick TinyShield (attached are some pics of all of the joystick boards being made in our facility in Akron, Ohio)
  • All existing TinyShields that are accessories in some kits (microSD Adapter, accelerometers, sensors, etc).

Joystick TinyShield PCB Panels


2000 PSP style joysticks


Board to be produced (Note, All PCBs and parts ordered, production scheduled for early to mid Feb):

  • The new Bluetooth LE TinyShield (part of the Smart Watch Kit and other kits)
  • The 433 MHz Long Range TinyShield
  • Ribbon Cable Expansion board

Software Examples

The TinyScreen Arduino library is up on Codebender along with a few examples, and we'll be putting a number more up in the next week as backers start to receive their orders.  We are also update the Learn section at http://tiny-circuits.com to include a number of getting started tutorials on using your TinyScreen.


We're working with the incredible designers at Mechanimal to design 3D printable enclosures for the TinyScreen - including for the video game kit and for the Smart Watch kit.  You'll be able to download these files and print (or modify) them yourselves, and we also plan on selling the enclosures on our site (hopefully by March).  The prototype design for the video game enclosure is incredibly cool, with hinge openings to allow access to the boards for recharging, living hinges along the top to allow for button pushes on the joystick board, and openings for the joysticks themselves.

3D Printed Enclosure, with hinged opening

3D Printed Enclosure for Video Game Kit

We'll have pictures for the Smartwatch enclosure very soon as well, and can't wait to show these to you!

Thanks again for everyone's support - and we can't wait to see what you do with your TinyScreen!

Ken & the whole TinyCircuits Team