User Projects from Kickstarter Backers

User Projects from Kickstarter Backers

Please keep sending me anything you make with your TinyDuino or TinyLily, we love to see your projects and share them with all the other Kickstarter backers. Here are a few projects that some Kickstarter backers came up with last month:

Scott Austin made a Tiny 3x3x3 LED Cube for the Adafruit 6 second video contest:

Mark Heckler provides a short intro video and compares the TinyDuino to the DigiSpark:

Martyn Jones unintentionally creates the VacuumDuino when his TinyDuino get’s eaten by his Roomba, and lives to tell the tale – VacuumDuino Facebook Link

Martin Lab testing out the TinyDuino LEDs:

Peter Hardy driving some Ikea LED strips (link on Twitter):

Thomas Amberg makes a brightness gauge: