TinyScreen Kickstarter Update

TinyScreen Kickstarter Update

Shipping Update

We're making progress on shipping, it's going a bit slower now since we're into the higher end reward tiers that have many more items than the lower tiers. 1141 orders have been shipped, and probably around 100 - 200 more will go out by the end of this week.  The 433MHz boards had a bit of a delay but are being built up later this week, so this is holding up the very high end kits, but we do hope to start shipping these by next week.

For those of you still waiting - thanks for your patience!  When your order ships, we will send you a confirmation email so you'll know when to expect the package.


Tutorials / Demos

We're still working on greatly expanding the tutorials, demos, and examples - our two main engineers, Tony and Ben (if you've been on the forum or on Codebender, you've seen them) are focusing on this once we get some more units shipped out, so this will definitely be expanded soon.

We've also been getting some great user projects for the TinyScreen, like this Space Invaders game that Kickstarter backer Teario is working on:
This 3D printed necklace from Geekmom:
And a Pi day calculation from KidArduino!