Paintball Watch Tutorial

Paintball Watch Tutorial


In this tutorial, we will show you how to build a cross communicational sports wearable that can be used for paintball games with friends. Communicate with your team discretely with just the touch of a button by following these simple steps:

Materials Needed:

Step One:

Stack the TinyDuino and the USB TinyShield onto one another to upload code to the board. You can also plug the Lipo Battery in to the TinyDuino to charge the battery when the USB TinyShield is connected to a computer.

Step Two:

Plug the board stack into a USB port on your computer and upload the code below to the board:

Note: In order to reduce size, you may remove the TinyShield USB module from the board stack to use the project, but you will have to reconnect the USB board to recharge the LiPo battery pack in the TinyCircuits Sports Wearable.

Step Three:

Repeat the previous steps with as many TinyScreens, 433 MHz radio modules, and TinyDuinos you can get so everyone on your team has a silent and quick way to communicate out on the field.

Game Play:

Make sure everyone on your team selects the appropriate team number or else communications between teammates will be lost. In order to send a message, hold the button that corresponds to the signal you wish to project until you see the character of the message appear on the screen. The characters will be displayed as: "T" for "team has flag"; "E" for "enemy has flag"; "M" for "mark"; and a flashing medic symbol for "Injury".