Magic 8-Ball

Magic 8-Ball

About This Project

Using a TinyScreen and Accelerometer TinyShield, you can create an electronic version of the classic "Magic 8-Ball" toy. This is a great project to get started with using the TinyScreen or the TinyCircuits ecosystem in general.

Step One: Materials


You won't need the USB shield in the final product, but you will only use the USB shield to upload your program and charge the battery.

Step Two: Assembly

Stack up your boards. Processor on the bottom, followed by USB, then Accelerometer, and finally the Screen.

Step Three: Prep the 8 Ball

I used a Magic 8-Ball from Walmart, but you can get one from wherever. I scored it along the center seam using a Dremel Tool with cutting wheel, and pried it apart with a utility knife and screwdriver. You have to cut off the plastic piece holding the blue liquid and empty the blue liquid and tetrahedral die out.

Empty out the liquid.

After emptying the liquid, dry the insides well. Avoid washing it out, as the top half of the 8-Ball fills with liquid which then drips back in the clear cylinder. Use a craft knife to cut off any sharp edges or plastic bits that are in the way.

Step Four: Program the Boards

Run the code using the codebender plugin below with your TinyDuino Processor connected to the computer using the TinyShield USB module. You can also download the code and upload to the TinyDuino using your Arduino IDE.

Step Five: Put it all Together

Place the finished electronics in the cylinder, and secure it with a piece of clear packing tape over the opening. Put the ball back together, and secure the two halves with a strip of clear tape.

Final Product: